From the Ambassador

Welcome! We are blessed by your presence! We are on Kingdom assignment — about our Father’s business.

Our Vision

To reach the world with the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the saving of souls.

Our Mission

To share God’s amazing Grace, perfect Peace and unconditional Love to as many as will receive.

Our Service

It is our desire to be a blessing to you through this ministry. Make prayer requests, submit praise reports,  meditate morning and evening with Spurgeon’s Devotionals, view and read InspirAVISuals, get a Daily Word, also in Spanish, select one of several Bible Reading Plans and listen to a Podcast plus so much more! If you need a laugh, click Divine Laughter to tickle your soul. You  can enter into the presence of God and be strengthened, renewed, encouraged and loved while visiting us. Share this ministry with others and please, let us know how we may serve you. Come again soon and often.  Accept our Weekly Challenge. Sign our guestbook while you are here so that we will know, and enable us to call you by name when going before the throne of grace making intercession for you. We would appreciate your thoughtfulness. Blessings with the love of Christ!

Week of September 16th-22nd

The Carolinas were hit heavily by Hurricane Florence which became a tropical storm and currently a tropical depression. You are challenged this week to financially bless at least one family with this act of love and kindness. You are further challenged to exceed the minimum and extend your giving to as many as you can. CAUTION: Verify the need and recipient(s). An example would be to give through a school for families or other agency, earmarking the gift specifically for someone.