Broken for Purpose

As I sat last evening, working on a project about ‘brokenness’, I thought about an egg. I like eggs, fully cooked. For us to eat an egg, and receive any nutritional benefits from it, it has to be broken. Regardless of how you prefer yours — scrambled, poached, soft or hard-boiled, raw in a protein drink or as an omelette, the outer shell has to be broken and discarded. (It can be used for composting.)

Isn’t that so true of us? Born into sin, we had to be broken. Born-again, we have to be “broken.” The old man (shell) must be put away, discarded and the new creation emerges. God, looks at the heart, man the outer shell.

We cannot always enjoy good times or how else would we be grateful, thankful or of any use to anyone, least of all, God, our Father. We are broken for purpose. Broken for the plans Father has for us to carry out His purposes. (See Jeremiah 29:11).

As the Apostle said about himself, which is wisdom for each of us; we must learn to be content with whatever state we are in and count it all joy. Painful experiences, I have learned, are memorable life lessons we do not necessarily want to experience again. (For most women, giving birth would likely be the only exception.)

Broken, and still we rise — when we are faithful to God because He will always be faithful to us.